“He didn’t commit suicide over a girl” – Update on the 400level OAU student Dipo Ige that committed suicide

I promised to get you updated as soon as I got more facts surrounding Dipo’s death HERE on Tuesday and here’s the TRUTH!

He suffered ACUTE DEPRESSION before his death and even his parents were aware of the problem.

Ige was a
brilliant student (was close to being on a first class) and wouldn’t have killed himself because of academics neither did he commit suicide over a girl because he had no girlfriend!

His death came barely five days to the final examination of part five
students of his faculty.

“Although he watches movies and listens to hip-hop musics, Ige has
always been someone that loves to be alone. He uses the music to console
himself. When the incident happened, I learnt a rope was found around
his neck, but was not tied to anything in the room except his neck,” my source tells me.

The only close friend Dipo had – his BFF- Ayotola wrote the late Dipo an apology letter on behalf of the world.

In the emotional letter exclusively shown to me, she revealed  how Dipo had big dreams of finishing from school, getting married and working with Femi Falana. 

See snapshots of the letter below:


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