What Guardia said to Man City players concerning Liverpool topping the league

Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola has told his team not to be bothered about Liverpool topping the league table.

Guardiola made this statement after his side secured a 3-0 home win against 10-men Wolves yesterday to close the gap between them and Liverpool to 4 points.

At a post-match briefing yesterday, Guardiola said: “I don’t have a magician’s ball to discover when they (Liverpool) are going to lose points, I don’t know.

“And I said to them [City players], don’t look and be scared, don’t watch the calendar for the Liverpool games, forget about it.

“Because normally when that happens you lose your games, in my experience. If you think they are going to lose in that game or that game, you are distracted and you lose your games. And after, it’s over.

“All we can do is be in there. Be in there and feel we are there, and win our games. Today we did it. Monday, I don’t always like to play Monday when everybody has already played, against one team you see the incredible results they [Wolves] had of course, it’s 10 against 11 so it’s a little bit easier, but that’s why I’m very pleased for the game today.”


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