‘God punish your mouth’ – Nigerians blast lady who says president Buhari does not have to speak to the country

Buhari talking to Nigerians

Nigerians on social media has expressed their anger and disappointment at a lady who came out to say president Buhari does not have to speak to the country amidst coronavirus crisis.

A Nigerian lady identified as Kemi Ashekun had earlier come out on twitter to insult Nigerians who are requesting for president Buhari to come on TV and speak to the nation. According to the lady, Buhari does not have any particular reason to talk to Nigerians. She added that NCDC is who should talk to us often about the pandemic disease. See all she said below;

“All of you clamouring for @mbuhari to talk do you call Chief Adenuga when you have issues with your glo line or Customer service? When you put the right people in the right place you dont need to do their job especially if you are a doer not a talker .. If you have Covid-19 issues call @NCDCgov the right people are waiting to help you.”

She added saying ” I said what I said! I stand by it! What you want is some entertainment for your depraved minds and no you wont get it,whether you throw tantrums or not. Focus on not getting Covid-19 ,focus on what life will look like after Covid-19 and God forbid this is the first of the plagues “

Here are screenshot of how Nigerians are reacting to this tweet;

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