God instructed me to divorce my wife – Chris Okotie

We are
probably never going to have enough updates on the on-going Chris Okotie and wife breakup saga. 
 The update that is currently going viral is that Pastor Chris is saying “it was God that instructed him to divorce his wife’.
In a chat
with City People, Rev
Chris Okotie through a minister in his church, Reverend Grace Paul, disclosed that “God has a hand in the break up saga”. 
According to
Reverend Grace, “A blind person knows that my pastor loved his wife, Stephanie,
loved her, so did the congregation but the bible says that two cannot walk
together except they agree.
In the establishment of the kingdom of God,
the rules change because the rules are made by God and not by man. So, it
didn’t have to do with what pastor wanted to do, because left to him, his love
will keep him struggling and going at it but if God gives him instruction he has to
follow it through.
City People: If I get you correctly,
it was Jesus instructions for Pastor Chris to part ways with Stephanie?

Rev Grace: …That is the principle of The Kingdom. In the two cases of my
pastor’s former wives, it was an abdication of roles. One was a physical
abdication, and the other was a spiritual abdication. In the matters of the
Kingdom of God, when you abdicate your position, your position will be taken
over, because the calling my pastor has, he is not called to work alone.

City People: So is the congregation
happy that the pastor is single again and is there any plans to replace Stephanie?

Rev Grace: …The congregation is not in the position to replace Stephanie. My
pastor is a full grown man, and he knows what he’s doing…As much as I am
authorised to do what I am doing, I can’t disrespect my pastor and Stephanie.
If I begin to give you some details, they would amount to disrespect. My pastor
has insisted that they want to keep it private.
 City People: Pastor Chris once said
that the instruction to marry Stephanie was from God

Rev Grace: If you know my pastor, he is a passionate person. They had a long
time relationship before they got married. My pastor is particularly careful
about beautiful women because he knows that the devil desires them. So when a
beautiful woman has issues in church, he ministers to them, and because he does
that, people jump to the conclusion that he sleeps with them, which is not true…
their breakup saga is starting to get messy oh! Don’t you think?

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