God helped us to stay away from pre-marital sex | Now we know why the groom in the viral ‘best wedding entrance’ video cried uncontrollably (photos)


Last Friday, we published a viral video of a beautiful wedding entrance dance which had the groom crying uncontrollably (HERE). Now we know why he couldn’t stop crying!

The bride’s name is Anna Deku  and she has revealed on instagram that she and her hubby, Gabz, both dated
for four years and waited till marriage to have sex.




“If someone told me 4 years ago that me and my future husband would be
waiting until marriage to have sex, I would have been on the floor
laughing lol! But all things are definitely possible through Christ.

We live in a “try before you buy” world. A world where we are told to do
whatever makes us “happy” in the short term. A world where having
self-control is a bad thing. A world where we can somehow get the result
without going through the process.
I remember in my last relationship, when I decided to stop having sex, I
was able to clearly see the negative attributes I wasn’t seeing before.
Some of you are in relationships that you shouldn’t be in but the sex
gives you a false sense of intimacy and connection that wouldn’t be
there if you weren’t having sex.
People think we follow rules but we follow our Father who loves us more
than we love each other. We choose to submit to our creator who knows us
better than we know ourself and it has been so worth it. The depth of
conversations, the way we resolve arguments, the foundation of our
relationship. All established before the sex”

Wedding night
When he proposed
Pre wedding shoot

Their proposal video:

You can watch the viral video below:

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