Give Me One Word To Describe Me (Kemi Filani/Kemi Filani Blog)

It’s Friday. I want to ask you something that I’ve been thinking of
asking, and I got the idea from another blog.
I want you, dear KFB
readers to give me a word to describe me and this blog.
It may be one
word that describes both me and the blog, or maybe you have two words:
one for me, and one for the blog. But I’d really like to know. I want to
know if I am to you what I am trying to be to you.

I was going to give you some words as examples, but I don’t want to
put ideas in your head, so I’ll let you come up with the word yourself.
Please. This means a lot to me. I really, really want to know.

Thank you in advance. Kisses….#Okbye

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