Girl robs guy who saved her from being raped

found this story shared by Nairaland user, Charles, enjoy!

Hey folks, 
I was in Uyo yesterday for an event, So we chilled in a
popular hotel.  
At about 2am, I started hearing loud shout on the next room.
The noise lingered to a point that we were beginning to ask questions, if the
hotel and clients were aware of the noise.  
Suddenly, I heard a loud bang on my door, I opened and a
dark skinned tall lady ran in and was screaming they are raping my friend”
please help. 
So I stepped into the next room and saw two men striping a
girl to her panties. I talked to
them mildly to stop, the other man screamed back, I have been
spending my money on this pig, today is pay day. He oozed of alcohol. 
After a little plea, he stopped dragging and the lady ran
half Unclad into my room. She thanked me and told me that they were students of
unical, and that she needed money for her birthday. That’s why she got involved
in this act. 
I allowed them to stay since it was just 2 hours till
morning. Though I was conscious. At about 6 am my boss summoned me, I hurriedly
rushed to his room. 
I spent less than 10 mins, believe this, before I returned.
These girls had made way with my iPhone, wallet, my gold necklace. I felt
really horrible. And to be fair my heart grew heavy with regrets.  
My help has now turned to be a curse on me, I leave
them with their conscience, that is they have any.  
Be careful folks, be careful.

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