Gents, this is the Difference between a Baby Mama & Mother of your Child

stylist & CEO of Swanky’s Signature, Jeremiah Obodo, took to his
instagram to call out baby mamas.  He says they are always mad because
they can’t have their baby daddy back thus they go to any length even
using their child as a bargaining power to get back at their ex. For
those who can’t read it above, read it below:

MAMA: a female who is mad at the fact that she can’t have you back, so
she becomes spiteful ,jealous, and crazy .she tries to make your life
and relationships a living hell and will do anything she can to make
your relationship with the child difficult every chance she gets. A baby
mama does not care if she hurts the child in the process of hurting u.
You single mothers that use you child as a bargaining or a pawn to play
against your baby fathers needs to stop. you should be happy they want
to be in the child’s life.
Once that child came into the world it stopped being about u &him
& it should become about what’s best for the child .Stop blaming
them for everything going wrong in your life it takes 2 to make a baby
& it’s up to you guys to provide the best life For that child
.whether you are together or not you shouldn’t deny the father to see
his child unless the child is in danger .you might be mad or even hate
each other but you have to deal with what you created .MOTHER OF YOUR
CHILD: a woman dat knows d relationship u had is over & There’s no
hard feelings. she works with u, compromises ,& stays consistent so
dat both of u have a lasting & healthy relationship with the child
.A real Mother Will get Along With You for the sake of the child .”


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