Father rapes daughter because her mum refused to sleep with him

A man  who was arrested for having sex with his 14-year-old daughter shocked policemen when he gave them his reason for committing the abominable act.

The man, Edwin Ochieng, from the Migori region of Kenya told the cops that he decided to rape his daughter because his wife denied him sex.

According to reports, the wife had reported to the police that the night previously, her husband had refused to allow their children sleep in a separate house, insisting that his family must spend the night under the same roof.

But a few hours after they had all gone to bed, the man sneaked into the children’s room where he forced himself on his daughter.

The mother was awoken by her daughter’s shout for help and went to see what was amiss, only to find her husband on top of the helpless girl.

The area Administration Police Commandant, Samson Ogelo, who confirmed the incident said that the girl who had suffered injuries to her private parts and was taken to Migori County Referral Hospital where she is receiving treatment, while her beast of a father was taken to Migori police station, awaiting to be charged to court.


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