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Former Big Brother reality TV star, Pamela Anderson calls for an end of such shows

Former Big Brother reality TV star, Pamela Anderson has called for an end of such shows. According to her, they are an epidemic of ugliness and superficial competition.

In a Twitter thread, Pamela Anderson started of by slamming the Trump administration calling it a caricature

“The soap opera of American politics doesn’t interest me.

As long as Mr. Trump is President -Americans are living
in a SNL skit.

A caricature

I want to engage ..

You can only support NGO’s you trust –

It’s important to vote in the next election !!!.”

On reality TV shows:

“Did I enjoy being on a reality show?
no more reality shows
or reality stars ..
France is polluted with them –
it’s an epidemic of ugliness, superficial competitions,
desperate and exploitive –
for the artist.

You are usually bullied into doing TV like this
by agents
fighting over commissions –
left without any
great amount of joy
or money-
you feel used, dirty,
and with no feeling
of accomplishment.

Unless of course –
you attempt to find any meaning or redemption
by donating all to charity –

It’s how
I forgave myself”

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