Female Passenger Causes Panic Aboard Aero Flight


Passengers aboard an Aero Contractors aircraft scheduled to take-off
from Lagos to Benin were Friday thrown into confusion as one of the
female passengers started screaming on top of her voice that she was no longer travelling.

She was initially ignored by members of cabin crew and passengers
but when she continued screaming, her persistence led to panic and
suspicion among the passengers.

An eye witness explained the whole drama below:

“All passengers were already on board and the pilot was preparing to take
off before the woman started the strange behaviour. At first, no one
took her seriously, but when the shouting and soliloquy continued, the
passengers became apprehensive and ordered the pilot to abort the

The situation was not funny at all. In fact, the woman was speaking in a
language which no one understood. But I can tell you authoritatively
that all the passengers have been taken to Benin with the same aircraft
and they landed in the airport safely. 

This was not the first time such an incident would be happening. In
fact, it is common among first time travellers but no one knows the
motive behind this act. However, I believe the security agents will do
their work and reveal what led to the strange behaviour.”

Her strange behavior led to the delay of the Benin-
bound aircraft for two hours as all the passengers were asked to
disembark while the plane was screened again.

All the checked-in luggage were also off-loaded for proper screening by
both Aero and Aviation Security, AVSEC, of the Federal Airports
authority of Nigeria, FAAN.

But despite the re-screening of the already checked in passengers and their luggage, nothing suspicious was found on board.

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