Father Mbaka Finally Speaks On Biafra, IPOB & Army Clash In South-East (Video)

Outspoken Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has spoken out about IPOB saying, Igbos shouldn’t let Nnamdi Kanu deceive them.

Father Mbaka speaking in Igbo, condemned the way young Igbo business men are being killed all the name of Biafra agitation..
He said:

allow anybody deceive you that igbo people are being marginalized in
Nigerian .why are we believing in nonsense, telling the poor men and
women to be the one agitating for Biafra,
Am not saying that
agitating for Biafra is a bad idea but let all the big men and the
powerful men of igbo land come let all of us go for this agitation then
our young in the street agitating will be at our back support us ,
because the prayer of a good father is his children to be greater than
him, yes let the politicians in igbo land( people like peter obi,
egeueme, Emaka ofor, ekweremadu, Sullivan , all of us) both the
politicians and the spirituals, we are the people that are suppose to
agitate not our young men, see how our young are being killed and all
these big are hiding in Abuja and overseas, 

 Recall that Fr Mbaka played a major role in the election of Buhari, he was even quoted to have said, Buhari is the Messiah of Nigeria!
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