Family of student murdered by Boko Haram insurgents cries out for justice

The family of Dalep Dachiya have urged the Federal Government to fish out the killers of their son.

Dalep Dachiya, a 200 level student of the University of Maiduguri, was executed by Boko Haram insurgents and captured on video.

He head of the family, PA David Dachiya held a press conference in Jos ere he revealed that the family will find peace and socour in knowing that the killers of their son have been fished out and duly punished.

“As a family we just want to thank God for everything; we believe that what happened, happened for good. But we want to strongly call on the government to fish out the killers of our son. He was just an innocent boy who was killed for no reason. We equally urge the government to intensify efforts in fighting insurgency and all forms of insecurity in the country” he said

He urged the Federal government to put in more effort towards curbi g the attacks on Plateau State.

“This morning, we appeal to the government for action because the statement that was made in the video is quite touching. If an eight years old child can tell the whole world that they are revenging what Plateau had done to their forefathers in Borno which I don’t know apart from hearing from him, I have never heard of it.

An eight years old boy cannot say that, some elderly people have incited him to do it. We are in the last days. We are not provocating anybody but our prayer as a family is that God should touch our leaders otherwise all our people from Plateau will not be able to travel to Maiduguri or Borno in general because that statement has made it known that anybody who is going there would be killed if they know that you are from Plateau.

Our appeal as a family is that the government should do something to stabilize what is happening, we pray that God will see us through.” he said

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