Family of Nigerian woman who was reportedly beaten to death by Malaysian hubby tells true story

Yesterday, we published a report based on a first hand narration of a twitter user on how her friend died, Ese Aghaga in the hands of her violent husband.

The family of the young lady sent in a statement moments ago, reacting to the report. Read it below:

It is sad people will jump to conclusion from mere desperate lies posted to you. I am the younger sister to late Ese Tracy Egagah Enearu who died on Saturday in Delta State. The Bisi who started this whole story is unknow to Ese’s
family and never her friend we know of. My sister died of an ailment we
are still trying to confirm through an autopsy and not from domestic
violence as wrongly informed by the faceless Bisi.

She did not
suffer any domestic voilence from her husband and he was a loving
husband to her late wife. The family will release an official statement
after her Autopsy. We are force to send this comment to stop the
malicious rumour that the husband was responsible for her death. The man
in question just lost his loving wife and soulmate and in heavy shock
and does not deserve to be made more measerable by this wicked rumour
going about.

Aghogho for the Family


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