Eyewitness shares inspiring lesson from accident scene that happened in Lagos yesterday (photos)

A certain Facebook user, Funmi Sipe-Ogunbanwo shared this inspiring lesson hours ago, please read.

Yesterday afternoon, as we got to a bench to sit down, we heard a
loud noise from the bridge, and we turned to look back to see what it
was, there it was! A truck smashed into a bus and two cars. The accident
happened within 2mins. Just 2 mins! I was there, standing with my sis.

The driver of the first vehicle the truck smashed into ran out of his
car immediately he felt the hit from behind. Of course, he sustained
injuries (mild). The bus by the side couldn’t escape, because
the bus served as the anchor for the truck, otherwise the truck would
have ran into many cars. The bus was stuck to the railing of the bridge.
Only the driver and the passenger by His side sustained injury.

The shocking part was the other vehicle that slided beneath the truck.
There was a man and his wife inside the car, the wife was able to escape
but the husband couldn’t. It took about 10-15 mins to rescue the man. I
was there! People started shouting, the man’s legs have been
condemned!!! Yepa, im leg don scatter oooo!!! Etc…….
rescuers tried breaking the car, it refused to give way for the man to
come out. Until they stopped an empty passing truck with tools to lift
the container off the car. And that’s how it happened! There the young
man was with a bottle of annointing oil, while the people were rescuing
him, he was rubbing the annointing oil all of over his body. And the
first thing he said when he came out was, “my God is greater than
We saw him jump from the bridge to the walk
way, he only sustained injury on his face. As a matter of fact, he
walked down to the hospital himself.
I learnt a big lesson from
this and I thought I should share, instead of crying and panicking, or
wailing, he was praying and declaring God’s promises and stood on his
faith in God Hmmmmmmmmm! And God, the One who said He would fulfill the
number of our days didn’t let death take His children’s lives
Glory be to God!

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