Exclusive article from Charly Boy: TRUMPs Painfull Truth.

A round of applause for the greatest Jackass of all Times.
is no denying that Donald Trump’s actions and words have brought a more
entertaining landscape to American politics that is only rivalled by
Naija politics at this point.                            

Like him or hate him (for your pocket), this man no send una.
could have guessed Trump’s longevity in American politics, with his
put-outs and the notorious words that roll out of his mouth!?
September 2015 I did a piece on Trumpology. At the time, I waited for
the Republicans to say his famous line “you are fired” for him to
sooner-than-later bow out of the White House race. But what did we get?
Trump ruling the polls, networks, blogs, social media and all,  hyping
the same garbage Donald’s been dishing out. After staying glued to CNN
for the past 5months, I am no longer fazed by Donald’s constant moronic
statements…”All Mexicans are rapist and murderers”, “All Muslims are
terrorists”, “All Migrants are suicide bombers”, Africans are lazy, like
to only make love and steal”
His vile verbal and racist assault is endless and yet unrivaled.
Naijas are currently vexing, boiling over in anger following Donald’s recent miss-yarns against the black race: “Look
at African countries like Kenya for instance; those people are stealing
from their own government and go to invest the money in foreign
Truth hurts.
Isn’t this the norm with most of our yahoo yahoo rifrafs called leaders?
It doesn’t matter if the JACKASS is taking a swipe at Obama because he’s from Kenya.
was reported to have said in Indianapolis, U.S. that African Americans
were lazy and that Africa needed re-colonisation for 100 years.
tell me, with the rate of detoriation of the biggest black nation in
the world, are we not beating a retreat to prehistoric times?
Trump said… “How do you trust even those who have run away to hide
here in the United States, Hiding behind education? I hear they abuse
 me in their blogs but I don’t care because even the Internet they are
using is ours and we can decide to switch it off from this side. These
are people who import everything, including matchsticks.”
painfully true as this is, can you blame Donald for his verbal
missiles, Is this not our current situation? A country that consumes
everything and produces nothing. I guess Donald is washing our dirty
linen in public and we deserve it.
When some of our deceitful leaders have destroyed education in this country, where do we turn to?
much shit is coming out of this guy’s mouth that I wonder what comes
out of his ass. Donald will say anything just to get a reaction, forget
about the concept of decency. Try talking policies or anything
intellectual count the mother f…ker out. 
guts feeling tells me that Donald is being a Jackass/Comedian on
propose. The bigger plan is yet to unfold, or is he only having a ball,
engaging in masturbation?
see his verbal assault as a strategy; it smells too Naijaish.  He may
not really have his eyes on the White House per say, but something about
making more bucks because he speaks freely what an alarming silent
majority feel but won’t dare say.
I dey look dem! Nonesense.
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