Everything you need to know about Suisse microfinance Bank, owned by Pastor Ayodele Olusola of Christ Embassy (Details)

So earlier on, we brought you story of how a Nigerian pastor allegedly duped his member of her five million naira payoff through his micro finance bank, ( Suisse microfinance Bank)!

Well Kemi Filani Blog has done her findings, and here is everything you need to know about the Micro Finance Bank!

According to one Akin Kunle on Facebook, The Suisse microfinance Bank is owned by Christ Embassy Church a.k.a
Believers Loveworld, the bank is located at Gacoun Plaza, 23 Road Festac
Town Lagos.

 It is among the fleets of banks owned by the church, which
also owned Parallex microfinance Bank and Refuge Home Savings. The
Suisse MFB is run and manage by Pastor Ayodele Olusola who is the MD/CEO
of the bank and members of the board of directors are senior pastors in
the church including Pastor Lanre Alabi, Tokubo Odimayo, Adebisi
Sogunle, Tim Onebamo. 

Pastor Ayodele Olusola is the pastor of Christ
Embassy Church Mafoluku Oshodi Lagos. Ayodele Olusola has runned the
bank as a personal business throwing all the ethics and rules of running
microfinance Bank to the wind. 

He recruited people who are members of
the church as marketers to collect money from people on daily basis as
savings. The marketers usually go about with savings cards, the first
one thousand naira you save with them belongs to the bank and at the end
of the month the bank will deduct another one thousand naira for
helping you to save. 

The Suisse MFB also have big savers who have their
millions as investment in the bank. They collected Millions of naira
from these set of people as investment with the promise of paying
interest on it. Now the bank has runned into deep financial mess and the
bank can not pay the poor savers and the big savers who have their
Millions with them. 

The estimation of the money the bank owned people is
over 200 Million. The bank locked their premises on 16th of December
and went hiding, all of a sudden resurface first week of February and
paid few small savers less than two million and again have gone into
hiding. And the church being money minded church is unwilling to rescue
the situation. 

I guess pastor Chris Oyakhilomen must be aware of this
situation as The Nation newspaper carried it on the 28 of January as
. This shows the church does not practice what they preach and is only
after people money. And there is an allegations that Pastor Ayodele
Olusola might used the money for Ponzi Scheme as he can not disclose
what he actually used the money for. This is a big criminal offence
which the government should look into.


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