Etcetera: Thank God entertainers lost their primaries

9ice horse
My dear entertainers who just lost out in your quest for public office, can you please gbe enu e soun so
that we can concentrate on the election at hand? Despite your claims,
we all know the reasons why you sought public office in the first place.
So many Nigerians have hurt their knees in praying to God to rid this
nation of political miscreants and people with selfish motives in
seeking public offices. So the fact that you all lost your primaries is a
gargantuan sign that the system does not see you as worthy
representatives of the Nigerian youths.

You are the reasons why the
youths are only being regarded as the future in a time like this when we
are supposed to be the present.

Why is it surprising to you that you
lost in the primaries? The system has been analytically taking notes of
your below the par exploits even within the madhouse we call
entertainment industry. Don’t you get it, because you are in the sacred
ministry of receiving brown envelopes doesn’t make you qualified to
administer or make laws. In case you haven’t heard, there are so many
things to consider before running for public office. I can bet that most
of you don’t know the issues that matter to the people of your
constituency. Have you asked yourself if you are fit for that
constituency? What have you done prior to this time for the people you
want to represent? You can’t just wake up one morning and ride on a
horse down the streets like Apostle Paul on his way to Damascus and
expect to be applauded into the government house? Have you built up a
sufficient resume? Despite what some people would have us believe, a
vast majority of successful political careers are built around
impressive resumes. Think about your resume objectively. Think about
running for office as a job interview. How do you stack up to your
likely competition? Don’t you think a prior involvement in your
constituency would add some significant padding to your resume? Another
question is, are you electable? Are you the best candidate for the job?
This is a question that anyone who wishes the best for his or her people
should consider. Is there another potential candidate better suited to
run and to serve than you are? Is it possible that your running could do
more harm than good to your political ideals and priorities? Is there a
better role for you politically? If you’re considering running simply
as a way to get involved, maybe there’s another and better role for you.
Wouldn’t your time and money be better spent in supporting another
campaign or serving on a local board or advisory committee?
We are known as the dancing generation
because of the lyrical content of your songs. To say in your interviews
that you are running because you want to change the system is a lie from
the pit of hell. Haven’t you heard that charity begins at home? What
changes have you initiated in this madhouse we call entertainment
industry? How many of you musicians seeking public office today have
come out to protest against injustice artistes are facing in the hands
of the cabals on radio? You are scared of challenging the smaller cabals
at the radio stations who demand bribe before playing your songs, what
would you do when faced with the ogbologbos in politics? You
can’t give what you don’t have. A head that can’t produce meaningful
lyrics cannot inspire anything meaningful in governance. If you can’t
stand for anything with your art, then you surely don’t have what it
takes to lead. The content of your songs says a lot about your mental
capabilities. What are your long term goals? Are you running because you
feel that your so-called fame indicates you can win?
Won’t your personal issues affect your
constituency adversely? Or you think the people are ignorant? In
politics, the stench in your life will always surface eventually even if
you’re not willing to release the information yourself.
The masses have listened to your
interviews and they know that most of you don’t have the necessary
knowledge of the simplest of issues. There’s nothing like a campaign to
expose your ignorance about a particular subject. If someone asked you a
question about the particulars of an important issue, are you confident
that you would be able to adequately answer it? Are you well informed
about the bills or proposals currently under discussion in the elected
body that you wish to serve in? Are there some important issues where
you could legitimately be considered an expert?
Are you presentable? If you’re not
presentable, it will have an adverse effect on your campaign. You are
from a job district full of people who mostly care about material
things. Don’t you know that in politics, when people think your
priorities are different from theirs, they will be skeptical about
supporting your candidacy?
Most of you entertainers that lost in
the primaries would have been political liabilities, not the assets the
people crave. Some shameless nollywooders even went as far as
citing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s entry into the California governorship
race as their inspiration for running but it didn’t cross their minds
that Schwarzenegger wouldn’t have been eligible to run for any election
in America if he was a member of any organisation as corrupt and
confused as the Actors Guild of Nigeria.
Finally, for those entertainers with
intentions of seeking public office in 2019 which is just around the
corner, now is the time to start working on those areas you need
improvement. Get some professional help if necessary. You were booted
out this time around because the people don’t trust your intentions.
Today, your status says elegushi loading and tomorrow sees you
borrow-posing in an exotic car. You are obviously on a mission to loot.
It is appalling that some entertainers are beginning to see politics as kalo-kalo and a place where people thrive in mago-mago. The same desperados have over time exhibited their willingness to put their hands in hot ororo as long as they can bring out the dodo. But that dodo has burnt their mouths this time around.

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