Etcetera Says Don Jazzy, Olamide, Mercy Johnson & More are Political Prostitutes + M.I Abaga replies!

In this week’s edition of his weekend articles, singer
cum writer Etcetera attacks Nigerian entertainers and calls them
political prostitutes.

According to Etcetera, they are political prostitutes for getting involved with political campaigns.

Some say Afro Candy is a prostitute. Some
say she’s not or at least, not yet. A few others say she’s a porn star,
which is not in the same league as prostitution. Porn stars are taxed,
prostitutes are not.

So Afrolicious baybay, you have to up your
game to get into the league of prostitutes, if it is what you really
desire. My suggestion would be; instruct your agent or booker to get you
appearances in any of the political campaign videos, so you can put to
use that floppy behind your mama gave you. And if you are lucky enough,
you can get cameos and wiggle that thing around the aspirants
themselves. You have to get your bum (sorry your hands) bloodied to earn
the highly coveted “Political prostitute” tag.Now my Candilicious
Afrolistic baybay, these are a few names of the latest political
prostitutes in the country: Olamide, Banky W, Don Jazzy, Flavour, Duncan
Mighty, D banj, Mercy Johnson, Ibinabo, Ini Edo, Mama Gee, Naeto C,
Joseph Yobo, Daddy Showkey, Kanu Nwankwo, and Sammie Okposo.

I have been asked several times if our
celebs should get involved with politics. But today, let me push the
same question in different words to everyone reading this article. Do
politicians making affiliations with celebs prompt you to vote for them?
For me, it’s a definite No. Nigerians are not influenced by celebs to
indulge in certain acts because their favourite celeb says so.

For instance, I like Kate Henshaw but
expecting me to vote for a candidate she supports in the forthcoming
elections is like asking me to start buying a particular milk brand
because Don Jazzy endorsed it. Puh-leez, things like that don’t cut it
here in Naija. Naija is a different kettle of fish compared to what is
obtainable in places like the US.

The politicians using celebs for their
campaigns should ask themselves what on earth the average person has got
in common with Dbanj. He has millions and he may never have to lift a
finger again in his life if he so desires. And you think the boys in
Okokomaiko who are not smiling will listen to his unrealistic rants on
TV and radio?

Using a celeb for election campaigns is as
stupid as the political aspirants themselves dancing in their campaign
musical videos. Imagine Jimmy Agbaje and Ambode dancing in their
campaign videos? Ok, I am sorry, no imagination is needed. I feel sorry
for the politicians that Nigerians are not fooled by all the media
images of celebs pushed at them every day on TV. It has become so much
that we can’t tell the difference anymore between political campaign
videos and the Nigerian musical videos.

The only cocktail of politics and celebrity
that the masses are bound to endorse is that of creating useful
awareness that will benefit the larger society. People like Bono have
political views which bring attention to real, humanitarian issues that
transcend the established political doctrines and have nothing to do
with producing those plastic karaoke like political jingles our
entertainers are paid to produce.

Those entertainers who see nothing wrong in
frolicking with politicians will say I am speaking from a misguided
perspective. Go ahead, defend your support for that politician. Tell me
you are campaigning for change. You can’t fool anyone but yourselves.

Hey, my Afro Candilicious baybay, you go
ahead with your trade okay? Don’t let the criticisms of your fellow
entertainers bother you anymore. Tell them your porn is definitely a
kinder and gentler version when placed side by side with their political
prostitution. Now, good day ladies and gentlemen. Please don’t forget
to tip the waitress on your way out.

See M.I Abaga’s reaction:


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