Emem Isong didn’t want the public to know about her secret wedding!

Top movie producer, Emem Isong has confirmed she got married to her
Camerounian heartthrob, Akama Misodi.  In a chat with
Encomium, Emem said, “It’s true but I don’t know who let the information out to the public.”

Akama Misodi

Akama Misodi

Reluctant to reveal anything about the secret court wedding, the
famous film maker pleaded that her privacy be respected, especially
when her husband is a very private person.

Encomium’s investigations however, revealed that the registry
wedding held here in Lagos. 
Also, Emem Isong’s husband
who is not based in Nigeria, has no other wife before her, meaning he
met the Akwa Ibom prolific film director while still very much single.
Of the Ibibio tribe in Akwa Ibom State, Emem has a son from a crashed
relationship.  The delectable and reserved lady had been on the quiet
side, romance wise, until she secretly tied the knot with a Camerounian,
Akama Misodi whom she is not ready to talk about now, until their
wedding proper.


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