Ejection Drama: Pastor Paul Enenche’s Family Speaks

Ejection Drama Pastor Paul Enenche

Information of news on social media, blogs and other platforms
reached us accusing the Family of the late Rev. Sammoses Odiba Enenche
who has just been laid to rest barely seven days ago of ejecting his
widowed wife from a rented apartment in a certain area in Abuja which
she lived with her late husband before his sudden demise.

family of our late brother Rev. Sammoses Odiba Enenche who we are still
grieving and mourning received this news with great shock and initially
decided to pay deaf ears to it as we believe that mourning time is a
period for reflection on our own lives while we are still on earth.
much consideration, we deem it necessary to clear the air and share the
untold side of the story haven received messages from concerned friends
of our family who know us and what we stand for.

Rev. Sammoses
Odiba Enenche, a promising and fast rising man of God suddenly met his
death without illness. Glory to God for a family who without doubt and
suspicion received the sad news of their brothers demise from his wife
at mid night and decided to make all arrangements to lay his body to
rest in peace without medical procedures of autopsy as required in our
present times.

Thus, it may sadden you to know that the late
Rev. parted suddenly with a lot that needed to be addressed and executed
both in his ministry and his private dealings before his sudden
departure whose cause was never known, as the family outrightly refused
the need to run any form of medical examinations but chose to accept the

In the bid to assist carry on the legacy of our late
brother Rev. Sammoses Odiba Enenche, it was first pertinent to
coordinate the affairs of his ministry Jesus Glory Chapel International
in conjunction with his widow for which a lot needed to be put in place.

The Siblings of the Late pastor came together with his widowed
wife as expected to discuss the need to move on and to assist her move
on in any capacity required.

It is however sad that despite the
immense love and contributions made by the members of the family to
support our Late Brothers widow and to help offset outstanding bills in
the ministry which she would not have been able to meet up with, the
family was shocked with the stage -managed reaction from a rented
apartment, the rentage of which had expired since July.

mischievous unwarranted accusation and defamation of the Character and
personalities of the entire family is suspected to have been prompted by
the reaching out of the family to help ORDER the affairs of her
husband’s ministry and concerns, to which she seems to be allergic. She
is also showing signs of resistance to sound counsel, order, and wisdom.

So much love has been shown to her, shielding her from every negative tradition and culture against Widows after burials.
Therefore, for the purpose of clarity we wish to state categorically and in emphatically the following:

The Family of our late brother Rev. Sammoses Odiba Enenche are by the
special grace of God well blessed and fortunate and have no need to
desire any form of possession or acquisition of our late brother to
whose life and ministry we have immensely contributed both in cash and
kind over the years and up till this moment, being the last born his

2. The Family of our late brother who suddenly passed on
without illness are all known for philanthropic activities with track
record of assisting widows and orphans in thousands.

You may
recall that massive supply and relief was sent by the family to Agatu in
Benue State to assist widows and orphans who were displaced and with
their husbands killed by recent attackS. As a principle the family
stands against the oppression of Widow’s and the less privileged.

The family was willing and ready with the full knowledge of the widow
to make payment for the renewal of the rent of the 5 bedroom apartment
in Abuja where our late Brother before his demise lived with his wife as
the rent had expired a couple of months before his demise , all geared
towards ensuring the comfort of his widowed wife.

4. We agreed
with our late brothers wife that the Ministry of our Late Brother will
have to continue as a legacy and therefore should move on.

was in the light of this that arrangements were being made to offset all
the bills running into Millions of Naira owed by the ministry due to
his sudden demise. It may interest you to note that actions had already
been taken as salaries owed some workers were already paid on Monday by
the family before this mischievous outrage of Tuesday.

The Tuesday meeting was intended to continue the next stages of
actions from the families own personal accounts just to shield her.

We wish to inform the general public that the news making rounds on
social media, blogs and news platforms accusing the family of Rev
Sammoses Odiba Enenche of ejecting his widow out of a rented house,
whose rent expired 2 months ago.

And asking her to go back to
the village with a pay of N50,000 for allowance for 6 months, and all
sorts of accusations are false, mischievous , unrealistic and a
conspired and constructed attempt to dent the image of the family.
Family matters are not meant for the media but to be settled privately
within the family.

6. We wish to inform the general public that
the entire Family are still till this moment willing to show our
relentless love and total support towards the widow and ministry of our
Late Brother Rev.Sammoses Odiba Enenche and we await her return to the
house she voluntarily vacated without our prior notice and amidst all
pleas to restrain her from her unilateral decisions and actions.

We wish to state at this point that she is free to do everything she
wishes with her late husband’s affairs and ministry. We have no
intention to interfere in the affairs and ministry of our late brother
Rev Sammoses Enenche since our attempt to assist has been misconstrued
and violently resisted.

Every attempt to reach her since her
decision to move out of the house has been futile as her phones and
contacts have not been accessible. We however are available and open for
discussions and conclusions on any pending issues as soon as she is
willing to respond to our gestures.

God bless us and may we
please understand that life is a seed; what we sow in time, we reap in
eternity. Let’s hear people out before rushing to conclude on issues.
Let’s be careful of making comments on issues we don’t understand.
It is well!

I am Mr Paul Ogbe Onoja, Rev Sammoses Odiba Enenches’s Nephew, (son of of his second senior sister)

Jesus is Lord!

This is the statement and pictures forwarded to IDOMAVOICE by the family.

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