“Education is important” Naeto C, Kefee go back to school

Naeto C is probably the only rapper who can get away with leaving
the music scene for a masters and coming back to take over. He has done
it before and he is doing it again.
 In a recent interview with PUNCH, his mum Dr. Kema Chikwe , said
he is in London at the Oxford University taking a course in Energy
Economics. He is there with his wife and baby. He is a son any mother
would want.”
Also,  Branama crooner Kefee Don Momoh has temporarily relocated to
the United States Of America where she is presently pursuing a course
in production management and Film production editing at the Chicago
Access Network Tv.

Kefee will graduate in November and probably return to Nigeria before the Christmas celebrations.

She is presently getting jobs to perform at shows and will be performing in New Jersey next week.

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