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Easter message: 5 business ideas that can fetch you money this Easter

Here’s an eye opening message from the Kemi Filani News team to you!

In the midst of all the easter celebrations, you can actually make some money too.

Check out this list of small scale business ideas you can embark on this Easter to add to your income.

1. Gift Hampers

A gift hamper is a box containing different goodies which one can present to a loved one as a sign of love this Easter. Items usually found in a gift hamper are milk, beverages, toiletries, soap, cereals, chocolates, ice cream etc.

You can engage in this business this weekend. All you have to do is to persuade your colleagues, friends, loved one to buy them from you for their loved ones as well.

2 Chicken

A good Easter rice comes with a nice fried or grilled chicken. Every family sure gets down that way at Easter period, which provides an avenue for a business minded person to earn money. Simply visit a poultry to get live birds then call your friends, colleagues and neighbors to inform them so that they can buy from you.

3 Supply drinks

Not every merriment that takes place on Easter are related to the reason for the season. Some just take advantage of the holiday to fix their events. Find out who will be having his or her birthday, housewarming, get together or any event that will require drinking, and make sure you get the contract to supply the drinks.

4 Sell clothes

Try to get clothing materials that look beautiful and worth making someone dig deep into their pocket to acquire. You can bet that a lot of people have outings to go to during Easter period and would need new clothes and shoes for such. Once you identify such, swinging into business won’t be a problem.

5 Bake Cupcakes

See families might think giving out gift hampers to loved ones is quite expensive. However, an option like presenting delicious cupcakes might be well received. Cupcakes shouldn’t cost more than N2000 so as to make it affordable. Simply push the product to neighbors, colleagues, friends and families. Make sure it is well packaged.

Happy Easter, and remember that Jesus died to save you from your sins. Accept him today and heaven will be sure for you.

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