Duncan Mighty to get married in Naija not Dubai like the other celebs…

Newly engaged musician, Duncan Mighty has announced that his marriage will hold in Nigeria and not in Dubai or anywhere else.

He has further mocked celebrities who have left the shores of the country in the past to get married…read his epistle below:

“The secret of international marriage is cheap marriage, when
you want to use cheap things. I’ve lived in Switzerland and I’ve seen a lot of
Nigerian celebrities coming there for their marriage. It is always between the
groom, bride and both parents. But if you really want to show people your
culture, you don’t need to go to another man’s country to marry your wife. If
you’re proud of your wife, go to where she comes from, stay there and marry
her. There is no need of going to Dubai and all that. All my fans must eat my
rice, that’s what I promised my fans. International marriage is a cheap
marriage, go and find out from anyone who has lived in an international

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