Drama occurs between Nigerian Rapper and another lady on Instagram


A Nigerian lady was put on serious blast last night by Nigerian rapper P.R.E for claiming a house which isn’t hers.

The drama began when @missginakas put up a photo of herself on Instagram in front of a house and claimed it was hers .

But unfortunately for her, the photo was spotted by the son of the real owner and she was immediately called out on the act.

P.R.E whose real name is David Kosowei Etete is the son of former Minister of Petroleum Dan Etete, said the house Infact belongs to his father and not Miss Ginikas.

Damn this Instagram fake life needs to stop! See the exchange & screenshots after the jump


He even did a short song dissing her…

Then finished her with this!

This should teach all those people who take advantage of social media to live fake lives and be claiming Instagram celebrity.


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