D’Prince reveals why Don Jazzy failed to attend D’banj’s 10th anniversary celebration

Many still wonder why the Mavin boss, Don Jazzy and his crew failed
to show up at D’banj’s 10th year anniversary on stage held a few weeks

However, contrary to belief that there is beef between the former
label mates, it has been revealed that they got no invites to the event.
Don Jazzy’s younger brother and Mavin Record artiste D’Prince said
this in a recent chat with Saturday Beats. He explained that he was not
in town and perhaps, that may be why he didn’t get any invitation.
He also emphasised that there is no friction between him and D’banj as they are close friends.
“D’banj is my very good friend and anytime I see him, we hug and
talk. There is no beef between us. The truth is that I was not in town
when D’banj had his anniversary. Tiwa Savage is pregnant and Dr. Sid is
also not in town while Don Jazzy was in South Africa. I was not in town
and even before I traveled, I did not get a personal invitation to the
Commenting on D’banj’s recent interview where he spoke about how
Mo’Hits broke up, D’Prince said he thought the issue was long gone and
“To be frank, I thought that chapter was closed about two years ago, I
never knew that D’banj is still granting interviews regarding the split
because I thought we had gone through the whole story, leaked e-mail,
hearsays and the likes. I am so happy that D’banj and Mavin Records are
doing great. I don’t want us to keep putting the fans in the mishmash.
The fans would always be vulnerable. The fans would always want to be
entertained and we would always be the puppets that entertain them.
“I think D’banj was speaking based on his feelings and the fans
reacted. I will always have love for Mo’Hits, DB records and Mavin
Records because at the end of the day, it is the music that would keep
us relevant. It is what brought us to where we are in the first place.
We should all concentrate on our work and progress. We should love one
another and not hate. There is no fight or war between us. What matters
most is moving forward and making music. I feel that he was pressured to
do the interview; he did so and expressed his feelings. I may agree and
disagree with some of the things that he said but at the end of the
day, I am still going to stick to love, peace and harmony,” he said.


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