Doyin Okupe apologizes for saying “Igbo presidency revolves around Northerners’ forgiveness

doyin okupe

Doyin Okupe was earlier today the number one on the Twitter trend table after he shared a controversial statement on Twitter.

The former presidential aide tweeted: “A national consensus for Igbo Presidency cannot evolve until the core north forgives the Igbos for the killing of Sardauna of Sokoto by Nigerian soldiers of Igbo extraction in the 1966 Coup.”

His tweet elicited strong emotions from Nigerians as many Twitter users called him out.

Okupe had to apologize for the incendiary statement he made and led to lots of criticism.

Hours after, he returned to Twitter and wrote, “OPEN APPOLOGY TO THE IGBOS. I tender my unreserved apology 2 d Igbos & other Nigerians who felt offended by my post on Igbo presidency and the north. I never intended to hurt or demean the Igbos. Instead I wanted 2 help actualise d dream. I regret d said post, & I am  truly sorry.”

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