OAU SUG excos fight over N3.8m, Vice President beaten up, Director of Social stabbed (Photos)

The crisis in OAU’s (Obafemi Awolowo University) Student Union Government has taken another twist as it was gathered, that the school’s Student Union Government excos, which includes; Obafemi
Awolowo University (OAU) Students’ Union Vice President, Jacob Tosin (
Emerald ) and the
Director of Social, Adedayo Afolabi ( Lamba ) fought
dirty on Tuesday, 5th of September, 2017 at the CEC meeting that held at
the office of the President of the Union, Oyekan Ibukun.

The excos reportedly fought over the N3.8
million Students’ Union backlog fund released by the University
management on Thursday, 31st of August, 2017, which the council resolved
to embark on some projects with. Some of the projects include;
refurbishment of union library and construction of SUB relaxation
However school’s SUG Vice President, Emerald expressed her displeasure over the decision because they declined her proposal.
“The Vice President was not pleased with the decision because we denied her the funds for fresher’s package.
told her to wait for the disbursement of of 2016/17 session but she
flared up. While she proceeded to the door to exit the meeting, Lamba
engaged her but she raised alarm of harassment. .
Emerald attacked
Lamba first before he retaliated. Later, she opened the fridge of the
president but could not find any bottle except a malt bottle on the
shelf which she broke to attack Lamba.
When both party engaged in
another round of physical combat, Lamba headbutted the Vice President,
Emerald. They both sustained injuries and they were taken to university
health centre”
the Welfare Director of the Union, Ajiboye Adekanmi, said.
Still confirming what the Welfare Director’s account, the Financial Secretary of the Union, Omisakin Kehinde, said;

“Emerald raised the issue of fresher’s package which was discarded since she already has N1.4 million in her proposed budget. .
got vexed. While trying to leave, Lamba blocked her but she slapped
Lamba. Emerald broke a bottle and charged at Lamba while Lamba also
headbutted her,” Omisakin stated.

When contacted, Lamba revealed in a telephone coversation that he only prevented the VP from going out, which led to the saga.

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