Doris Simon taks ‘Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan’ on a LIVE TV programme

Since Nollywood actress Doris Simeon’s marriage to ace film-maker Daniel
Ademinokan crashed about 2 years ago, she hasn’t spoken much on what
led to the breakup. 
Recall Daniel had alleged at the time their marriage
crashed that Doris didn’t have time for the family and was always away
at movie locations.

Over the weekend, while playing guest during a live TV program –  ‘Gbajumo Osere’ for yoruba movie stars – one of Doris Simon’s fans asked why her marriage crashed and if Stella is truly having an affair with Daniel.

In her
response, Doris said:

“Only God knows what happened and is happening between them and he’s
the one who knows why it happened that way. I tried to make the marriage work but it may have been God’s will for us to have parted like that. Like I said only God knows what is happening between them but it may be true since it is all over the media and sometimes media reports have some elements of truth. What is of utmost
importance to ME now is my growth in the movie industry and my
business ventures.”
She responded in yoruba language since it’s a yoruba program, but had to transcribe it into English for kfbers!

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