Don’t Try Jim! “I have 125 pairs of sunglasses & about 200 pairs of shoes” – Jim Iyke


Jim Iyke oh, only you 200 pairs of shoes, so if you were a lady, you”d have had like over 600 pairs, lol!
In a recent interview with Punch, Jim Iyke when asked about his love for sunglasses had this to say:

“I have about 125 pairs. My personal assistants
and people who come to my house keep stealing them.  Also, I have been a
collector of all kinds of stuff-shoes and sneakers. I think I own about
200 pairs; it is not something to brag about, this is a form of art for
me, just like the way people collect stamps.
 I like shoes and I collect them. I keep the ones my mother owned in
the 60s and the ones my aunts owned in the 70s. I get shoes that are
much branded and are limited edition. For me it is not just about
fashion statement anymore, it is art.”

Don’t try Jim!
When asked how he spends his days, he said “I sleep around 3am every day, no matter the time zone or the country. I
wake up fairly early, depending  on the amount of activities I am
involved in  but I think I have some sort of in-built clock, I wake up
at the same time every day which is  6 am. When I wake up, I pray
because God is the central part of my life and I give it all to Him.  My
father always said the best exercise of the day is prayers. As soon as I
am done with prayers, I do an exercise which is a fusion of yoga and
martial arts. It is a process where the body, soul and mind have to be
in sync.  I do it to purge my mind and body, relieve the pressures of
the day and make decisions about   the kind of people I would let into
my life for that day. I have not been to the hospital in over 12 years
of doing the exercise.”

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