Did you know two explosions rocked Northern Nigeria yesterday? :(

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Two explosions rocked the Northern part of the country- Gombe & Yobe – yesterday.
The attack in Gombe was very
minimal as a young female wearing a Hijab believed to be a suicide bomber walked
towards a military barracks in a very suspecting way.

They asked her to stop so
she could be searched but she refused and hurriedly moved towards them.

soldiers who wouldn’t take any chance quickly fired at her and lo and behold
she exploded and her body parts went into pieces. No other person died, but residents
said the explosion was very loud and massive that it shook some buildings in
the surroundings.
The second one however took place
in Yobe, in a village very close to Potiskum, the commercial capital of
northern Yobe state where a bus explosion killed seven people.
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