Diary: Love me for me

This week’s diary is For Skinny girls!

You are so thin – I hate that phrase and all synonymous to it! You probably don’t
know this also, but it’s a rude and insensitive remark. Can you say this to an
obese lady: You are so fat and flabby! No? I didn’t think so too!
The effects on the psyche of a slim person who is being teased constantly could
be as damaging as that of a fat person who undergoes such torture.
You don’t know what you do to
me. Everyday of my life. You really don’t know. If you do, you wouldn’t hug me
in public and ask ‘Why are you so skinny?
Sometimes, I burst into laughter. Other times, it’s
just plain annoying. And even when I decide to put all that behind me and
explore a part of my awesomeness by donning a great dress, someone would just
have to pop up from somewhere with a comment like: Oh look! Your waist is so
tiny! You’ve got to eat some more, you know

Can you just compliment my look without referring to
my skinniness? Is it so hard? Wouldn’t a ‘you look cute in that dress‘sound
better, in your ears and mine – especially? Even if you’ve got this
irresistible urge to refer to my skinniness, why not say it in kind words? A
friend said this to me: I met this skinny lovely girl yesterday and I
thought of you
. I didn’t feel like whacking him when he said

I want to love myself, the way I am. I am healthy. I
am not anorexic. Nothing is ‘wrong’ with me. Just because I have a high
metabolic rate doesn’t infer that I have a ‘condition’.
But you do not let me love me. Your remarks sting. You
tease me too much. This hurts a lot more than you realize. I don’t want to be
refered to as ‘that skinny girl’ but as ‘that pretty cute lady’
that I am.
Everyone has a right to feel good about themselves –
whether you are fat or slim, tall or short. And you shouldn’t take that right
from anyone.
So now, would you let me love me? 
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Ok, this is me! This piece is all about
me…I remember how I would go to a corner of my room to cry when people address
me as skinny (when I was a teenager)…There was even a time my doctor placed me
on a feeding roaster cos I was supposedly too ’skinny’ for my age (weighing
28kg at age14)…I am still slim (I weigh over 50kg now) but I have learned to
appreciate me for who I am, plus I learn to make myself happy bearing in mind
that there are thousands of ladies out there that are dying to be as slim as I

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