Desperate okada man flings himself in front of oncoming trailer over seizure of his bike

 Pandemonium broke out yesterday at Iyana Adeoyo, Ring Road area of
Ibadan when an unidentified man in his thirties, attempted suicide by
jumping in front of oncoming vehicle.
The not-so-young man, embarked on the suicide
mission after officers of the Oyo State commercial vehicle registration
unit impounded his bike for having fake papers.
He tried to plead with the officers but when his pleas fell on deaf
ears, he went into a frenzy, ran towards an oncoming trailer and flung
himself in front of the vehicle.
Luckily for him, onlookers were able to rescue him on time but then
again, the man threw himself under an SUV, yet he was pulled out again.
On realizing that his suicidal attempt were not working, he reportedly went into shock, started foaming in the mouth.

Some policemen arrived and carried him to a nearby hospital.

I hope this gets him back his bike!

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