Deeper Life Pastor, Kumuyi Reveals 2015 Prophecies

Pastor Wil­liam Folorunsho Kumuyi, has declared that
2015 is the year of God’s visitation. He said God would give His people a
cause to celebrate in the New Year.
“God will visit you in the New
Year. Every­thing holding you down, the Lord will break it. You will
step into your Promised Land,” he said. “Things will turn around in your
life. Metaphori­cally speaking, it is not as it was, so it is and so
will it be world without end. It is not what you saw yesterday and what
you are seeing today that will determine what you will see in the New
Year. A brighter day is coming; the coming days for you will be better
than the good old days. The things of the past may have been wonderful,
things will be more wonderful in the New Year.”

The cleric
urged Nigerians not to behave like the murmuring, complaining, critical
Israelites of the Bible days who magnified their past problems and fears
to the point of disbelieving the report about the Promised Land brought
by Caleb and Joshua and attempted selecting another captain/ leader to
lead them back into Egypt, into bond­age. “For you to know that God has
come to visit His people… nothing will stop your onward journey,” he
charged. The congregation chorused a loud Amen. “God has not written you
off. God has not forgotten you. There is a glorious day awaiting you;
things will turn around… the bright future is starting today.”


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