Davido’s uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke, explains why he loves dancing!

Senator Ademola Adeleke, Davido’s uncle, in an interview with National Assembly TV says he loves to dance and takes it as a form of exercise.

we normally say there is time for everything. There is time to laugh.
There is time to cry but most of the time I love dancing and I take it
as an exercise. My kids got it(dancing) from me, Sina Rambo and B-Red
and of course my nephew Davido. I train them and as a matter of fact,
they will tell me that Dad, we can’t catch up with you. I love dancing”
he said

According to him, he became the face of APC campaigns some years back because of his dancing skills.

I joined APC briefly, I campaigned with Aregbesola and my late brother.
As a matter of fact, we put what is called interload into the campaign
because you go to most campaign, it is so dry but when you put an
interload into a campaign where you dance, laugh and everything, As a
matter of fact, I became the face of the campaign. Without me, there is
no campaign. Now that they messed up and I went to my former party, they
are now using it against me that I am dancing. I even danced with my
daughter. They never knew it was my daughter. They thought it was
someone else but I told them that that is a lesson to all fathers, You
have to be close to your daughters. I am very close to my children and
that is why I dance” he said

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