Crazy World! Tonto Dikeh attempts suicide, says she can NEVER marry an actor

Tonto Dikeh

Aww, poor Tonto Dikeh! Sometimes the cross that one has to bear for being a celebrity is heavier than one thinks!
Nollywood actress cum musician, Tonto Dikeh has been tagged as the
most controversial celebrity because she is believed to have a thick
skin – never cares about what people say about her on the different
social media platforms – she doesn’t give a damn about what people think
about her!
Well, we were wrong!  She actually does care…
According to a report on LIB, the actress attempted committing suicide a few weeks back, due to
the hatred outrageous comments she gets from critics on the various social media platforms.
 Tonto posted this photo below on her instagram page…

“Woke Up happy and decided to share this. I  have been
here before n I can tell you we are stronger than our problemz/painzetc.
That day I realized SUICIDE is for COWARDs. If you’ve got no1 to talk
to like me, I suggest you start with GOD, diz shitzzzz crazy(world) but
it iz Ours dnt leave it in SHAME,I LOVE U”—Tonto Dikeh”

Meanwhile, Tonto Dikeh in a recent interview with The Nation newspaper, stated that she is NEVER going to marry an actor! See excerpts below:
Are you too strong to fall in love?

I am not too strong to fall in love; I am human and I have feelings too. I don’t think there is any woman on earth that has not experienced love in one form or the other.

Is it possible for you to marry an actor?

That’s not possible; I can never be caught doing that. I can’t marry an actor.

Do you consider yourself a good role model?

I am a role model to those who see me as one; I am sure Nigerians out
there see and read all these things and they laugh. I am sure there are
people out there who appreciate what I do as an actress and hope to
someday achieve what I have achieved as a thespian.

For how long will your career continue to thrive on controversy?

My career thrives on everything; my career thrives on all the ups and
downs that I have been faced with. But most especially, the
controversies have made me stronger and wiser.

What’s your take on the fact that most people believe that you are weird and wild?

I don’t care about them because they don’t care about me; everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. I live my life the way I want to. People should also remember that I am human and no one is perfect – yet you attempted suicide because of that!


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