Couples that use wedding rings have no place in heaven???

Do you guys agree with this submission written by a certain Highyo?….

After reading this and you ignore and reject it, when you appear before
the gate of Heaven, they will tell you again, but by then there will be
no need to accept it because it will be too late.

If you miss heaven, you can’t miss hell.

not argue after reading these post, instead ask the holy spirit if it’s
true or false. Be careful of Multitude ideas that is not biblical.

My post may be foolish in your ear but I tell you, whosoever seek for the truth, shall be set free by the truth.

Your wedding ring will lead you to hell because it’s satan’s property and that’s the truth.

lord himself has cursed the Gold and silver, infact anything jewelries
and anything cursed can not enter into the kingdom of God.
the lord Cursed the gold and silvers, it was refers to a strange gods
by the people of isrealite, in Gen35:1-3 where Jacob command his family
to remove every strange gods in their ear before coming into the house
of the lord.

Exo11:2 The lord commanded the Israelite to collect the Egyptians’ jewelries

Exo32 The Israelites made an Idols from it and it became a curse on them

Exo33:4 God departed from Isreal, and promise to destroy them if they do not put away their Jewelries

Ezk7:19 The lord Cursed the Gold and Jewelries, and gave it out to Satan and his kingdom, and the will defile it

Rev21:27 anything defiles (cursed, spoilt,) will not enter his kingdom.

Who are the people who invented the idea’s of wedding ring? Sinners I guess, some people have come with the knowledge that earring and jewelries can lead them to hell, but wedding ring does not mean….
where is ear ring placed? Is it not on your bodies? Where is necklace
placed? Is it not on your body? Where is your wedding ring placed? Or is
your finger not part of your bodies? Why do we forsake the bible which
is the true word of God and exalt the british Ideas? Must you have to
follow every ideas satan has given you? Why are you keeping what will
destroy your soul for eternity in the name of marriage?

Do not imitate the foriegners, God anger will come upon whosoever that cloth themselves with strange adorment (Zeph1) Believe it or not, when you die and you die with a wedding ring, satan
will quote these passage to you, that these properties is mine, so you
must come to his kingdom.

These demons that will challenge you
when you die with any form of ring on your body, were the one who ask for
the body of Moses, when Moses died.

Do you want to take a risk
of joining multitude that agree with the idea of wedding ring and end up
where multitude will end up when they die? Remove it now.

bible said, do not give satan a foothole, the issue of using any satanic
properties will only give room to satanic activities to operrate in
your family. Put away what belong to satan now, and sanctified yourself

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