Corps member reveals how NYSC staff made participants sleep on sand and inside rain in Lagos camp’

The corps members were made to sleep on bare sand due to overcrowding.
A National Youth Service Corps member, Aniebiet Anie Udo, has narrated the ‘corpers’ ordeal at the hands of the staff at the Lagos State camp.

Udo, who said the camp has been overcrowded with poor ventilation,
said many Corps members have been sleeping on bare ground for three
He shared: ‘NYSC Lagos Camp. NYSC staff and soldiers pursued us and we slept on the ground. This is how we slept tonight.
‘We were pursued from the Registration Hall floor we’ve been
sleeping on for 3 days straight to sleep in a tiny overcrowded room
containing over 28 people, most times with no fan.

‘When we said that it was wrong to pursue us because their boss was coming on Sunday we were left to our fate.’

The Corps members have reportedly been sleeping on bare ground for days.

‘This is because the camp admitted more people than its capacity. And we had to sleep on sand. This is where we slept.
‘Keep in mind that this is bare ground (sand) we are sleeping.
‘Please help share some we don’t have to sleep here again tomorrow.’
Udo later shared an update that the downpour of heavy rains in the
middle of the night didn’t compel the NYSC staff to provide alternatives
for them.
‘Rain is now falling and the NYSC staff have abandoned us here,’ he shared.

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