Cool FM’s Daddy Freeze reacts to Etcetera’s new article

By now you must have read the viral article written by Etcetera where he mocked celebrities (Tiwa Savage, Seyi Shay) that love to tell lies.

“Imagine one female artist lying
that she was a backup singer for Mary J Blige. How can she be a backup singer
for such an international star and nobody saw any pictures or videos. Normally
as an entertainer such materials could have been used to promote her brand. She
also lied that she wrote a song for Fantasia that won a grammy. As I am
confessing to you, nobody knows the title of the song. There’s no credit to her
on Fantasia’s catalog. A Nigerian singer said all these? Yes father….Her own lies are even small sef.
Another female singer lied that Beyonce’s father was her manager while she was
in the US. No you must be joking! Haba Father, can I be lying to you during
confession? My son, as a reverend father in this parish, I have seen so many
strange things. When a man is possessed by the devil there’s nothing beyond
him. And from what you have been saying, there is absolutely nothing beyond you
entertainers. But go on, tell God more of these lies of yours.”

He also called out a certain radio presenter that charges ridiculous prices for money
“There is this veteran presenter on
the island that collects a million naira and two bottles of Jack Daniels and
Black label and one box of cuban cigar from me. He also collects hampers and
makes you promise to buy him a cake on his birthday. You mean he collects all
these just to play a song? Yes father that’s what he charges. Jesus Christ of
Nazareth, what about those musicians who can’t afford to give him these things?
Haa! If you can’t afford it, then your songs won’t be played no matter how good
they are.”
Cool FM’s Daddy Freeze has reacted as seen below: “Etcetera is someone who at a point in his life, was begging us
(OAPs) to help him. When music didn’t work out for him, he took to
writing and he started to slander us. I think that is wrong.  I’m not
saying he should not make his money or impact through whatever means he
chooses, but he shouldn’t pull people down to raise himself up. I think
it’s a very cheap way of gaining publicity,” he said.

On whether he thinks Etcetera is just angry at OAPs because they didn’t give his music enough airplay, Freeze said,
“I didn’t succeed as a commercial musician, but that did not make me
hate the presenters who did not play my songs. You’re one of the few
people who know that I started out as a commercial musician. I attained
my commercial success through other means. At the end of the day, I
think when you’re bitter, it just spills out one way or the other. It’s
not like Etcetera is not a good musician, but he
doesn’t understand the market he’s dealing with. It’s like trying to
sell Amala at Buckingham Palace. You’re going to have a hard time doing
that; it’s going to be easier selling it at the Alafin of Oyo’s palace.
Music also contains the element of luck. Five musicians may sing the
same kind of songs, and only one of them would attain a level of
success,” he stated.

Explaining further, Freeze said, “Etcetera has to
understand the dynamics of music. I know he was frustrated because to
promote songs cost a lot of money these days because radio stations
would charge, as well as some presenters too. It was frustrating for me
too when I was a musician, but there are people who through that
frustration have broken through. I’m glad that he’s a writer but he
should stop taking swipes at celebrities, and more importantly, he
should work on his creative writing skills. I think with a bit more
creativity, his writing style would be upgraded.” he told E24-7.


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