Conversation between Toke Makinwa and Encomium magazine reporter

Toke Makinwa

It is no longer news that Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayida are now husband and wife…however reporters and journalists are still trying to get her to grant them exclusive interviews.

A certain Encomium magazine reporter, Tolani Abatti has been trying to get Toke Makinwa to talk to her since her wedding but all her efforts’ been futile.
“Rather than giving us an affirmative
yes or no, she just kept on evading us.” Tola says.
When we called her on Friday, January 17, 2014 evening, this was how the conversation went (It’s kinda funny to me so I decided to share it with you guys!) :

Hello, good evening.
Hello, good evening.
You sound sleepy, I hope I did not disturb your sleep?
Yes, call me back later.
On Saturday, January 18, 2014, we called her again.  This was how the conversation went:
Hello, good morning.
Hello, good morning.
This is Tolani Abatti from ENCOMIUM magazine, I suppose I am speaking with Miss Toke Makinwa?
Yeah, yeah but I am in the middle of an interview now.  Can you call back?
We just want you to confirm if it is true you and Maje are married now?
I cannot confirm anything, call me back.
When do you suggest I call you back? (The line went dead)
Few minutes later she called back.
Hello, I am sorry the phone went off.  I am conducting an interview now.  Call me back in two hours time.
Three hours later.
Hello, good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
I called you this morning and you said I should call you back two hours later.
She is actually doing an interview right now.  This is her PA speaking.  (There were lot of voices in the background).

Her PA speaking?
Yeah, she is doing an interview right now.
But that was what she told us more than two hours ago.
Her time is fully booked. She has a lot of things to do.  You know
what, she will give you a call.  I will make sure she gives you a call
in the next one and a half hours. I promise you that.
Alright, I will appreciate that.
That was the last time Toke or her supposedly PA answered our call.  She refused to pick our several calls later.

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