Christmas season: Prostitutes hike price, plan to hold end of the year ‘free sex’ promo in Lagos

Hmm, Wonders shall never end! Just as prices of goods and services have gone up (christmas season), Lagos prostitutes, especially those who reside in brothels have also doubled their charges.

DailyPost published this story some minutes ago “after having visited some selected brothels in…Lagos.”

A top member of the Association of Nigerian Prostitutes who claimed anonymity, disclosed that the new increment would enable its members meet up with their end of the year targets. “If you check very well, some things in the market have gone up, it is not the price we bought rice in January that we are buying now, virtually everything has gone up. So it is not a crime if we increase our price for just this season,”she said.

The young lady who is in her late 30s further said “It was during the national meeting we came up with that idea of new price and end of the year promo for customers.” (So there is an association for prostitutes too, mehn).

“Our customers know how we do it, but this year it is going to be different. Aside offering them free sex as part of the end of the year promo, we still have other things in stock for them especially our recognised and registered customers.

When probed further on what they will give them, the lady angrily said: “All these questions self, if na f**k you want drop money make I nack you wella. All this time wey you dey take ask me we for don go like 3 rounds sef. If you really want to be part of the end of the year free sex promo, just register and you will enjoy all the benefits.

On the newly fixed price, the lady said it depends on areas: “In places like Ikoyi, Lekki and V/I, the charges are more because of the kind of people living in those areas. But in places like Ejigbo, Obalende or Oshodi the charges will be low. But the new law this season is that you don’t charge below 500 hundred naira per round.”

On how they would know if any members is charging below the agreed price, the lady who claimed she’s been in the business for 13 years said: “That is simple now, especially for those in brothels, if you are not yet established, you still deliver some amount to the person that introduced you into the business. We’ve had some situation whereby if you bring someone and the person gets a good customer, she will just forget you. But now we have a new law, if I bring you, there is a certain amount you will deliver either on weekly on a daily basis.

Like now, I have like seven girls in the business and they all pay me some certain percentage every week.
I only do outside job, I no longer stay in a hotel. Recently I was in Kano to service a top politician there.

Sharom, another 20-year-old prostitute who came into the business in July, she confirmed the that there’s hike in price. “Me I’m no longer comfortable with idea of hiking our price. As I’m talking to you now, no customer has even patronized me and I have target to meet. I’m travelling before Christmas and I don’t have much on ground. I just tire…I have OND in Catering and Hotel management, but…through this job, I have bought a bus and sponsoring my younger ones in school. I don’t regret going into the business, God sef know say job no dey town.

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