Chikwe Udensi, Ex-ALGON Chairman Accused Of Wife Battering(photos)

Ex-chairman of Association of Local Governments in Nigeria (ALGON) AND
PPA gubernatorial candidate Chief Chikwe Udensi has been accused of domestic violence and wife
battering. According to Irene Abott who claims to be the niece of Dinma
Udensi, Chikwe’s wife, the former chairman is allegedly a violent
womaniser, wife beater and abuser who has been torturing the wife for
daring to ask for a divorce.

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Former ALGON national chairman and PPA gubernatorial candidate for Abia
state 2015 Chief Chikwe Udensi is a violent abuser and has decided he’ll
kill his wife Dinma Udensi who’s my aunt.

It started as normal couple arguments then slaps to minor beatings, and
now major beating to the extent of almost disfiguring her. She has tried
to endure but it’s getting worse each day so No she will no longer stay
in this marriage and die. NO WAY!!!

She has asked for divorce and he beats the hell out of her for bringing
it up, because it’ll dent the image he has made society believe of him,
she’s currently under lock and keys and he’s not letting her go out.
She sent out an SOS and has asked that her story be made public.

He’s very influential with the police force so it’s almost impossible to
rely on them. He constantly threatens to kill her or take away her kids
if she sneaks away.

She has tried to leave many times but security is tight.

She’s terrified of him and is a shadow of herself but after years of
domestic violence she has become bold enough to go public about it.

If nothing is done, God forbid her corpse is the next we’ll see!

This isn’t the first, second or third time, it has been happening and
she’s had so many hospital visits to treat the injuries inflicted on her
by him.

Chikwe Udensi is a womaniser, a violent abuser, arrogant and almost heartless.

I’m calling on human rights activists, lawyers and just anyone that can
help fight free this woman, No one deserves to die in marriage NOBODY!

Please share till this goes viral, Chidinma is asking that this be made public before she’s beaten to death.

PLS PLS share as if she’s your sister, niece, daughter, sibling till help comes.

If you can help or know anyone who can help, kindly mail: [email protected]

God bless


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