Buhari says there will no be office for any ‘first lady if elected, Patience Jonathan kinda responds

Once APC presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari gets voted in as president, the office of the Nigerian first lady will become null and void.

He has gone on record to state he would ban the office of the First Lady if he’s elected president.

a recent interview with Weekly Trust in Kaduna, the presidential
candidate said his decision to abolish the First Lady’s office is based
in the fact there is no office of first lady in the Nigerian
constitution, just as there is no official role for presidents’ wives.

Rather, he said ministries, which are constitutional, such as Ministry of Women Affairs should be allowed to play their role.

His decision to ban the First Lady’s office is not anti women, he has promised women would play key roles in his administration.

First Lady Patience Jonathan
on her part has somewhat responded to Buhari’ “No First Lady” policy.
During a civic reception in Abia State yesterday she urged women to
reelect her hubby. She said,

He has met the 35 per cent Affirmative Action for the appointment of women into political positions in the country.
The President has done a lot to tackle the developmental needs of the
nation, in spite of the challenges and opposition against his

Let us take advantage of our numerical strength to
vote for the re-election of the President, because more Nigerian women
had been appointed to political offices by Jonathan’s administration
than past administrations. Nigerian women should no longer go back to
the kitchen. It is not our portion to go back to the kitchen. We have
women that are capable. We can contribute our quota to the development
of Nigeria.We women are suffering but God will see us through,” she
said, adding that the president had helped to alleviate the plight of
Nigerian women.

Oh well!

We gotta admit that the office of the
Nigerian First Lady in the last 6 years has given us epic one liners
that will forever be embedded in our generation’s lingo. Who can forget,
“Na Only You Waka Come” and the “There is God ooooo”


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