‘Buhari is Trying to Christianise Nigeria!’- Comedian Ali Baba Shades Governor Ayo Fayose

Yesterday, the photos of President Buhari meeting with the Archbishop
of Canterbury, Justin Welby,  sparked conversation on social media and one of those who spoke out was iconic comedian, Ali Baba. 
The comedian posted the photos on his Instagram page and cheekily accused the president of trying to ‘Christianize’ Nigeria. 

“Buhari is trying to Christianize Nigeria!!!!
Look at these pictures,” he said, referencing the old notion that the
President would Islamise Nigeria.

Recall that in February of this year, Governor Ayo Fayose, while
speaking at an interdenominational thanksgiving in Port Harcourt, accused President Buhari of trying to Islamise the
country, a claim he made after the photos of the President in Saudi
Arabia surfaced. Gov Fayose called it the ‘big secret’ about the Buhari
led, APC government, and said that the President will fail in that

So, when the photos of the President and the Archbishop of
Canterbury was published, Ali Baba shared same on Instagram with the
subtle shade, and his fans caught on quickly.

Source: Olisa TV

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