“Bisi Komolafe was killed by her Fiance” – Family

I have always said that getting pregnant for a guy who is not yet your husband is not the best. 

This trend is fast-catching up with many in major cities, especially celebrities but it has it’s consequences.

Because of this issue, some family members of late actress, Bisi Komolafe, are not happy with her fiancee, Ijaodola. Some of them have accused him of killing the popular actress.
They have also ordered him to immediately vacate Bisi’s apartment and leave all her properties including her Honda Pilot Jeep.
The guy was said to have fainted during the actress’ burial on Friday. But her family members said his “fainting” and “wailing” were all staged. 
Bisi was pregnant for Ijaodola before she got ill and died from pregnancy related complications.
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