Biodun Okeowo, Yul Edochie, other Nigerian celebrities reveal their New Year Resolution and plans for 2017

The year 2017, has just begun and has lots in folds for our Nigerian celebrities.
Some Nollywood stars have shared with Kemifilaniblog their new year resolutions as well as plans for 2017.
Joseph Okechukwu

Naturally I’m a Lone Ranger. I don’t have friends. But in this year, I want to open myself up to the Magic of Friendship and responsibly too.
I’m going visit a lot of new countries that I haven’t been to yet, especially in Africa. I love Africa to bits.
2017 pretty much is the year I plan on taking my career to the next level, exploring entirely new grounds and biting just more than I can chew. I believe it is going to be a very adventurous year indeed.

Princess Chineke

‎2016 was a good year. I achieved some goals but not as I would have wanted due to the economy. But it was certainly above average.
Mistakes were certainly inevitable, lessons learnt that’s why it was a warm up and 2017 being the game will be sure far better than the former.
I will discard the unproductive trees and raise the bars a bit for the successful ones. I will also acknowledge the supremacy of God more this year, for its God who gives power to make wealth.
Every thing depends on God but i’ll work as if everything depends on me.
I also want to be more proactive, productive,patient, light other candles like Thomas Jefferson will say; A candle looses nothing when it lights up another candle.
I want to learn more, increase my multiple streams of income if 10% input = 20%output ,with the economy one can only increase input of 100 to give us 130-150. Like Hector Lamarque said; most people make good choices everyday ,but don’t make enough good choices to create momentum and obtain success ” so its a year of more than enough input.

Biodun Okeowo

‎My new year resolution is to get closer to God, serve him more, do more of silent humanitarians stuffs. I also want keep less friends.
Adding to that, in my business aspect,having done a training here in Nigeria before venturing into the beauty business I also want to go study cosmetology abroad to broaden my knowledge then spread my tentacles to the island soonest!
May God help me‎.

Sophia Williams 

My new year resolution is to be me! Work harder! Live healthy! Prayer harder! Become more family oriented! Go more closer to God and learn not to trust anyone but God.
I have lots of plans but I won’t disclose it for now, because i guard my life so well, so i don’t let the cat out of the bag till am ready‎.

‎Ruth Eze

‎My New resolution is to have less friends and make more money. I also want to come very close to God. And love my boyfriend more like never before. ‎
As for my ‎plan, I want to settle down th‎is year and start my own family. Make more good movies a‎nd to leave the country for a while‎. I really need a break from the stress here in Nigeria.

Yul Edochie

I don’t have new year resolution. I just do what I know is right before God and man.
As for plans for the year, I let God have his way. His plans would guide me through. Na God hand I dey o.

Okey Bakassi

We have a lot coming up in 2017. I am doing a nine city tour of the USA in the month of May, I am doing shows in the UK in October, there is a movie premiere coming up first quarter of next year.
There is also a TV sitcom that will break at the beginning of next year. Presently, I host a celebrity TV couples games show, ‘UAC Unscripted’ that is running on NTA network, it will still run up to 2017, then of course my radio programme, ‘It’s OK with Okey’ on 91.5 FM Lagos Talks is running presently and it will run to 2017.
My New Year resolution is to be a better person this year. So help me God!
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