Be inspired: Read how a corps member is positively affecting lives in Abia state (Photos)

When I saw the State in my
call up letter my heart literally melted courtesy of previous stories.
Strangely camp was interesting especially the “Ochendo Boys”….lol.
After 3 weeks in camp I was posted to an Autonomous Community. When I
got to the PPA, I just didn’t want to go in because of the school’s

Few months I fell in love with the students in the
school even with no reason especially with their poor academic
performance. I decided to think of a way out on how to help them. Then I
came up with a “Base Word Spelling Challenge”.

 After much
preparation the challenge went on with so much excitement from amongst
the students, prizes were given  (one term scholarship,  school bags,
books and pen).


Story was first published on Nairaland.


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