Barack Obama to Visit Nigeria

The Minister, Culture, Education and
Information in the Nigeria Embassy in Washington DC, Dr Stephen Momoh
Baba,has said President of the United States Barack Obama has promised
to visit Nigeria this year.

President Obama was on Monday sworn in for his second term of another four years as president.

In an exclusive interview with LEADERSHIP, Dr Baba said:Obama has
promised to visit Nigeria towards the end of the year; we are working
with the state department and the Nigeria ambassador to ensure reality
of the visit. We are doing everything we can to make sure he keeps to
his promise and visit to Nigeria this year.

“America has been working with Africa and Nigeria behind the scenes
even in Obama’s first term.They are helping us with agricultural credit
activities; they are also assisting us in terms of security by tackling
the Boko Haram insurgence.

On Obama’s inaugural speech Baba believes the speech was very pragmatic and straight to the point.

“Obama’s speech was very pragmatic, he focused on what he was going
to do and he showed he is in control. He was asking everybody to come on
board and make America great again, irrespective of party or colour,”
he added.
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