Barack obama caught kissing wife on Kisscam

President Obama flubbed a Kiss Cam moment yesterday, in case you haven’t heard.

He and First Lady Michelle Obama were attending a Team USA basketball exhibition game at the Verizon Center in Washington
when the Kiss Cam turned its lens their way during a break in the
action. The First Couple’s image appeared on the big arena screen, and
the crowd began to cheer. That’s because when you show up on Kiss Cam,
you’re supposed to plant a smooch on your partner.

But Obama
clutched. He put his arm around Michelle, and smiled for the crowd, but
that was it (No kissing). Some in the crowd responded with boos.

 Here’s the video of where he cuddled his wife:

Later in the game he got a second chance. That happens when you’re president.
Given a retry, Obama nailed his performance, giving Michelle a big
spousal kiss on the lips, and one on her forehead for good measure. The
crowd cheered. According to some accounts there were chants of “four
more years”, though at that point in the game it’s possible some group
was just ordering “four more beers”.
Here’s the video of where he kissed his wife:

 I really wish it were President Goodluck Jonathan and Dame Patience (his wife)..lolz!

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