Baby born on ‘New Year Day’ shares same birthday with parents, wow!


Wow, this is just wow!
Stover turned 37 yesterday, New Year’s
day, it was also his wife Qiana Stover‘s
birthday she turned 35. Yes…they share the same birthday and the best part is, the ouple welcomed
their first child yesterday! Mom, dad and now baby
were all born on New Year’s Day.

The couple who named their baby,
Autumn after their favouite city live in Northern Ohio, Cleaveland and they are
filled with so much joy.

Raheem said, She’s beautiful,
amazing, a gift, she’s a blessing in countless ways, She’s one in a million
He added, I’m dealing with how are
we going to celebrate our birthday’s next year and instead of one big birthday
cake, we’ll all get our own cake, but maybe we can each get our own special
day. One of us can take the 31st, the other New Year’s Day and the other
January 2nd
Birthdays in the Stover house are
definitely going to be interesting. Happy New Year and Happy birthday to the
Stover family!

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